Friday, August 30, 2013

Scan Please!

In my attempt to go go digital with the kids on week one in the library, I'd say it was an overall success. I learned some typical new librarian lessons myself...but, the students seemed pretty psyched about getting to explore the library all whiile using an ipod touch.

I began the 4th-6th graders with a "prezi" introduction explaining who I am and a few important things they should know and remember about our new library. Then, they were given ten questions to answer and a location of a QR code that would reveal the answer. All were posted around the library. For instance, how many Bluebonnet Books are available to read for the 2013-2014 school year? They would then proceed to the Bluebonnet books in search of the QR Code and use the ipod QR Scanner App to reveal the answer. (Which is 20 Bluebonnet Books btw)

I received a lot of great feedback from the students and teachers! So hopefully the teachers can utilize this form of digital learning and perhaps even on a higher level when they get their highly anticipated 1:1 iPads. The kids are excited about the ipad initiative taking place on our campus for 4th-6th grade and hopefully the teachers are too!
Here are some pics of the Scavenger Hunt...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rub a dub dub...repainting the tub

I debated on whether to bring the old reading tub over to the new library or not. I also wasn't sure how big of a job it would be to give it a make over. It wasn't until after Mrs. Loftin (one of the great librarians of Florence Black's past) came and visited that I decided to keep the enormous vat. Mrs. Loftin described how the students loved sitting in it! That very day her grandkids came along with her and were asking about the tub. Unfortunately, they had to look beyond the glass at it since students aren't aloud in the building yet. Their sad faces peering in was enough for me to know the  reading tub must stay! But not without a makeover. According to Mrs. Loftin it was painted before she came to our campus and she was there for years and years. My guess is she had her blue and white look since at least the 1970's. I need to do a little research and get the history of the tub. But, first a few pics of the before...
I (like always) got a little eager and started painting before I made the before shots. So her is her tail end to give you the gist of how she looked before. Book stenciling fun!

Our theme this year is sailing and pirates. We have a phrase like... Sailing into a new year...but, I am not sure exactly what it is...but, that's all I needed to inspire me and well, pinterest, pinterest, pinterest....
The end result is definitely not my original idea. I only dream of having a creative mind. My ship of choice came from Mrs. Larremore's blog and pirate classroom theme. Her tub was also a hand me down tub and it was created into a beautiful ship first. I used hers as a guide. Mine is not quite as fanciful! Check her tub and Chalk Talk Blog out here!

We used the cheapest acrylic paint I could find from Wal-mart. It did the trick. Our brushes were sponge brushes. You can see some of our supplies here.
I called in my local art connoisseur (Michelle) to come and help me out. She is what made it look great. I take very little credit.

Finally after about 4 hours, she is complete (and still upside down)! 

I have debated on where in the library I should let her set sail. But, I think I have decided her final resting spot will be on the stage. I got a fresh rug to put her on from Target. I am still collecting fresh pillows. Oh, do I dare even mention the things I found under the old pillows? It's hard to say whether the crickets went below deck and died from a sugar rush or not? But there was certainly a little bit of candy action and cricket chirping going on in that tub at one time or another...

Here is the final resting place as of now for the ship. 

I still have a lot of blank space to fill...hopefully soon! I'm thinking about somehow putting up some flags or sails.

Every ship needs a good name...not sure what yet...but I'm working on it.

I think the kids will love it! Not sure if I will repaint her EVERY summer. But, I don't think I will go more than 40 years until the next makeover. 

Oh and you may notice the chalkboard art on the wall in the back. My B.F.F. started chalkboarding this summer for fun and the The Little Black Library is reaping the benefits... here is a close-up.

Thanks for dropping in a checking out a little corner of The Little Black Library. So, have you ever painted a bathtub? Do you have memories of reading in a tub? Feel free to share your memories or creations.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Out with the old and in with the new

Black Elementary's original building was established in 1953! She was named after Florence Virginia Black. Black was the first elementary school building in the Mesquite Independent School District built away from the central campus. This summer the original building came down and we moved into our brand new building! I (Ms. Reynolds) taught 4th grade at Black and have the privilege of being the new librarian in the NEW building! Lot's of new happening here! Here are a few pics of the old and the new...
This is the front of our original campus...

A glimpse into the new library...

Those photos were taken at the end of May and things are really coming along. All the books are on the shelves, most of the boxes are unpacked, and the decorating has begun. I have been working on a few projects (mostly pinterest finds) hey...it's summer break...I can't even remember summers without pinterest?  You'll have to tune in later for those...

Until then...enjoy the rest of your summer! Only 3 weeks until those school bells are ringing!