Thursday, August 14, 2014

Counting by 7's

Counting by 7's is on the 2014 Bluebonnet Book list. I really enjoyed this one and can see it as a read aloud for 5th & 6th grade classrooms. Students tend to relate to books with kids seen as an outsider. In this case, Willow Chance is basically a genius, yet misunderstood by those around her. Willow finds unlikely friendships through a tragic experience. I enjoyed this book and if I had a classroom of my own, I would definitely be reading this one aloud! Several different scenarios are relatable for kids today. Loss of a parent(s), not fitting in, lack of friends, and adoption. This is another book in which I loved how the author made the library a place of refuge. If I ever fulfill my dream of writing a book, you can guarantee it will have a library in it. ;) Loved this book with lots of discussion possibilities! 
What were your thoughts on this book?