Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Old News...New School

It's hard to believe we have spent almost a whole school year in our new school(10 whole and 2 half days left…but who's counting anyway). It has been an AMAZING experience thus far being in a brand new building as a brand new librarian! I'm one lucky local librarian, just sayin.
Moving into a new school has been a fabulous experience. I mean, our old building was OLD! Like 1953 old! Yeah, it had some renovations over the years, but we were due for new…like ALL new! And we got it!
The new Black Elementary is b-e-a-utiful! I remember walking through the new building before there were cabinets, tile, walls…and thinking THIS is gonna be AMAZING! I was super stoked to come over before most of the teachers and check out the library! I snapped a few pics to take back to my friends and students.

Oh the empty shelves!
 Here is a picture of the collaboration/computer lab.

This is a picture of my future desk and the circulation area.

I have to say I have the best view in the library! Endless walls of windows to the outside and the inside of the school. I spent many days the summer before we opened unpacking boxes, organizing the workroom and dreaming of my future days as librarian of Black Elementary! It truly is a dream come true! I love my job, the staff, and all the kiddos!
Here's an after shot with books, tub, and chart stand in place…all essentials to library learning!